Sunday, September 18, 2016

HEALTHY TEETH: Interactive Chew Toy by Nibble Pet Products

Lily playing with her new chew toy.

The design of this rubber chew toy is to help massage and clean the animal's teeth while it chews and plays with the ball. It has crevices and a hole in the middle to hold food items or to put pastes. 


I was excited when I ordered this, because I am always looking for ways to keep my animal's teeth healthy. When I received the toy though I was thinking it would be a bit smaller, especially since it says it is also for cats. It is about 3 inch diameter, and upon further investigation, I do see smaller ones are available. 


Only an animal with a large enough mouth might be able to bite fully onto this particular chew toy. In our case, Lily, a Chihuahua, wasn't quite able to get her mouth around it. Even so, the toy does have those very useful nooks and crannies that make up for that. For Lily we put some of her dental cleaning treats into those areas and she enjoyed fishing them out. The chew toy also has a center hole where paste like foods can be placed, such as peanut butter, to encourage the animal to chew on the toy more.


I would think this would work great for a medium sized dog and I am sure they would absolutely love this toy. I can't be sure, but it might work for even a large sized dog. It seemed to be a pretty solid rubber that could resist being chewed to pieces as some of the larger dogs tend to do. It is an ingenious design and made with a solid rubber that should hold up to most animals gnawing on it. The color also makes it easy to spot and find whenever it roles under things.

The chew I received can be purchased here:

See other people's animals play with this chew toy here:

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