Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SUNSET: Camping Towels Set of 2 (X2, Blue) by J2 line

Microfiber Camping & Travel Towels

by j2 Line



Compact, Antibacterial, Quick Dry, Super Absorbent & Light Weight

for Sports, Beach, Pool, Gym, Hiking


(2 pack: Large Towel & Wash Cloth)




I got this towel set especially for when my hubby and I go to the beach.


The large towel is 52" x 28" and the wash cloth is 28" x 14".



We always end up getting sand all over our feet and even though they have a faucet to wash our feet off, we always still end up dragging sand into our car. These towel are perfect for such excursions. The large one is great to sit on the beach with and the small is perfect for when we are done to wipe our wet footsies down with.


They are light weight, hygienic, comes with a breathable netting carry bag, and roles up very compact for storage in our vehicle. Definitely going to be getting some good use out of these!

 They also comes with loops to hang the towels up with to dry. I hang them up to dry on the back seat clothes hanger clip. They dry very quickly. They also are very soft to the touch and I use them like a thin blanket when traveling as well.

  • PREMIUM FABRIC, SUPERIOR TO NATURAL MATERIAL - Made with cutting-edge technology, this microfiber towel is your ultimate choice: it is soft, extra absorbent, stain and wear resistant and looks great for longer. Unbeatable!
  • FAST DRYING - Just wring this quick-drying towel and use it again. After use hang it to air and it will be ready for packing within minutes. Won't keep you waiting.
  • MICROFIBER - The unmatched suede feel makes it great as a backpacking towels or a hiking towels. A versatile and durable product which is easy to take care of. Excellent value.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL - This gym towel made of specially treated fabric takes good care of perspiration. After soaking sweat it inhibits bacterial growth and ensures hygiene while remaining odor-free.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - It adds hardly any extra weight and is handy as a pool towels or swimmers towel. Very compact, it easily fits into a small bag. Easy to carry around and perfect for use on the road.

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