Sunday, December 18, 2016

GREY AWAY: Enhanced Henna by Treasured Locks

Treasured Locks Gray Away 

Enhanced Henna

Product Details
Treasured Locks is pleased to announce our breakthrough product Gray Away Enhanced Henna.  You've wanted to dye your hair at home, but were scared of the damage you might do to your hair and scalp because of the harsh chemicals and complicated instructions.  You've tried all natural products that just don't cover the gray hair.  Dyeing your hair at home can save you both time and money, but how do you do it effectively?  Gray Away Enhanced Henna is the answer.

Treasured Locks Gray Away Enhanced Henna is a natural herbal based (henna) product that contains just a small amount of actual dye, just enough, to cover those stubborn gray hairs. Designed to dye gray hair and hair that is close to the color you are trying to achieve, Gray Away Enhanced Henna can be both safe and effective because it contains no harsh chemicals like peroxides that lift color before dyeing. As a result the product is not intended to turn black hair red, for example.  Gray Away Enhanced Henna will never lighten hair, only darken it or enhance the natural color.  Using a color like red on black hair will produce red highlights.  Because of the minimal amount of chemical dye, the product does not cause harm to the hair or scalp.  In fact, repeated usage can actually enhance the condition of your hair leaving it more manageable and softer.  

Gray Away Enhanced Henna is:

  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Pesticide Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • Peroxide Free
  • Cruelty Free

As you may be aware, we have been selling a henna based hair dye for many years.  We are excited to be able to offer you more than 75% more product, almost twice as much, for the same price. We have also improved the packaging so no more jars with broken seals or spilled product.  With over 75% more product, those of you who were having to buy two jars can now very likely get by with one jar giving you a significant cost saving and making the product even more economical.  If you liked the product we were selling, you're going to love this product.  If you haven't tried our Henna for Gray Coverage, now is the time to give it a try and start saving time and money by covering those grays naturally, at home.


I got the Auburn color to cover the grey that I have been seeing coming in a lot more lately.  The package came with the sealed bag of henna inside the silver bag, unopened. The instructions talked about using gloves, but there wasn't anything like gloves enclosed. The only thing that looked liked it was gloves was a single folded plastic bag, shown above. It was really too large to be used as gloves and there was only one. I thought maybe it was for putting over your hair after you put the henna in it? Either way, I never really used it.

The picture below is my natural colored hair. The last time it was colored was with another brand of henna over a year ago.

Here is another shot...just to show that it is not colored or enhanced in any way...

Outside of the henna (and the big plastic bag), nothing else came with the product. The instructions also mention needing Vaseline (or oil), a mixing bowl, a utensil to mix with, water and a comb.

I used a ceramic bowl and poured half of the bag of henna into it. With as long as my hair is, that proved to be just the right amount. For people with shorter hair, you might only need a 1/3 or 1/4 of the amount that comes in the package. I put the remaining unused portion in the silver bag, which has a zip-lock to seal it for later use.

I prepped the henna by slowly adding water until it was a consistency that was very moist, but not too runny. I made sure to stir until it was fully absorbed and of a smooth consistency. This took about 3 minutes or so.

Next I applied the Vaseline around my forehead and ears to keep the henna from staining my skin.


As I mentioned I never used the bag they provided. Instead I got two bread loaf bags, and two rubber bands, to use in place of gloves. I used the rubber bands around my wrists to keep the bags on. I also didn't use the comb. With as much hair as I have, I just applied it with my fingers, and then rubbed the mixture into the roots really carefully. I made sure to focus on the scalp area first and then brushed with my fingers, into the length of the rest of my hair, the remaining amount. When done, I piled the hair onto the top of my head, slipped my hand out of each bag (turning them inside out), and secured the bags on my hair with the rubber bands. I kept my hair piled onto my head like this for 60 minutes. The instructions said 30 to 45 minutes, but I got distracted. I then shampooed, conditioned and oiled my hair as I normally would do.


I have to admit, I was quite surprised just how well this product worked. The grey has turned into a nice light auburn and though I was concerned I may have missed some of the ends of my hair with the henna, I can see it did cover it all very nicely.

Here is a before and after (un-retouched) photo to see the difference.

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