Saturday, January 21, 2017

TO SEW OR NOT TO SEW: Flannel Backed Table Cloth

I bought myself a new sewing machine. Of course, that means I need a sewing corner. That led to some rearranging in the house. I have a drop leaf wooden table that I put in the sunniest room of the house. I didn't want to damage the top on it, so I got this lovely table cloth to cover it. It looks like cloth, but it is actually water proof plastic with a felt backing.

Up close you can see where it does have a bit of shine to it. The crease lines also take a bit of time to come out. This picture was take a few days after laying on the table. A stint in the drier might do the trick, but I'm not that particular.

The colors are gold and white. The gold does have a hint of green in it, but not enough to make me dislike it. It might be a bit too greenish though for some. I have a lot of wood and plants in my house, so it compliments the interior nicely.

The tablecloth comes in many sizes. The mark indicates the size I got for it. Some have mentioned it tears easily. I found the material to be quite sturdy so far. I wouldn't want to put it to the test though. As a sewing table, scissors and needles might end up being that test...

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