Sunday, March 5, 2017

PLAYING FOOTIES: FootBalm & FasciaBlasting

I've been called the barefoot wonder for most of my life. With it comes calluses, dry skin on my feet, and cracks in my heels.

I also have condition, that appears to be genetic in my case, where my feet get mottled colored when they get too warm called dyschromia or livedo reticularis. The discoloration diminishes when my feet get cold. In addition, I used to work on the train in a job where I was on my feet for HOURS. This led to even further foot issues such as Lymphedema and broken capillaries. I no longer do that job, so the swelling is under control, but I still have brown spot discoloration and spider veins from the broken capillaries that are still there years later.

With this in mind I thought I try the new mini FasciaBlaster (FaceBlaster) on my feet, and especially on my heels, to see if this might help with all of these issues. I have also decided to try Jaowying Beauty's FOOT BALM which has a cool minty feel and scent.

Of course, the balm smells refreshing and has an immediate softening effect, especially on the non-calloused areas of my skin. The idea it to stimulate blood flow to the tissues, as well as the filling and softening aspects of collagen (and maybe human growth factor?) to the dry skin, so that softness is restored and the cracks diminish (or disappear). 

I will posts updates, and comparison pictures, to this as I continue this little personal experiment.

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