Monday, April 24, 2017

GRASSY TERRAIN: GAXmi Artificial Lawn Grass Flip Flops & Doormat (24X18 Inches)

We are thinking of expanding our spa and with expansion comes upgrades and new ideas.


 I wanted to try out these grass slippers and door mats. 😍😍😍

 My comfy cros now have some competition.

I think they would be a cute and comfy addition for our spa guest to use when they come in for their reservations. What do you think?

I love this how mat helps bring some green into our living space without the fuss that is needed with having an actual lawn in the house!

Being it is so easy to clean and water resistant, the mat can also be used as a comfy mat to stand on when washing dishes and things. 

I was concerned my kitties would use it as a scratching post, but so far they prefer to just lay on its plushness.

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