Tuesday, August 8, 2017

KEEP 'EM TRIM: Professional Nail Clippers Set by Fairyland


Once I have a beloved nail clipper, I like it. No matter where I go I will take it with me. It becomes a part of my life. When I go shopping, to work, or travel, it lays quietly in my handbag, waiting for when I need it. it is always there and ready to use at any time. You know, I think I can not live without it. I see my husband try to do that and his nails show the signs of that neglect. No, that is not for me.

With time and usage though, these grooming tools can become more and more dull, the pressure worse than before, and even if I use the greatest effort to press the nail clippers down, it gets to where I can only barely cut my nails, but the nail. When it gets to that point, if I am not careful, I can sometimes even hurt the skin or cuticle of my nail edge. After some struggle, I realize I need to give it a rest....and get a fresh set of tools.

If you have had the same experience, the habit of using things until they fall apart, we might tend to miss out on a lot of better things.

With the Fairyland Magic Nail Clipper Set, give youself the unexpected satisfaction of sharp and handy tools that will make your hands feel well groomed again.

1.Made from premium brushed stainless steel to retain sharpness for a very long period of time.

2.Fine cutting and grinding, you'll get the precision cut every time you use it, and bring you a new nail suit experience.

3.Triangle effortless lever design principles, ergonomic, with less power to get enough pressure.

4.Reasonable weight, reduce vibration, to avoid nail split, suitable for more people.

5.Professional and reasonable match, affordable, two size fingernail & toenail cutter + cuticle nipper + nail file, easy to carry tote,, a set in hand, worry-free.

Nail tools with class, not to be missed, and highly recommended.Your family and friends will envy your nail suit, so be sure to keep an hand on them. Of course it is good to share things though, so they can be a surprise as a holiday gift.

Packaging Includs: - 1 x Large Nail Clipper - 1 x Small Nail Clipper - 1 x Nail Cuticle Nipper - 1 x Nail file Special Reminder - 1 x Carry Tote

Please keep away from children, because both of the clippers and the pusher are extremely sharp.


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