Monday, December 11, 2017


Best way to uplift the start of your day is to get into a car that smells good. I thought I would give these American made car fresheners a try. I did it by mail order in exchange for my opinion with no idea what scents or styles I would get. They offer several packages on a monthly order deal, so you can always have a new scent hanging around. I received one of the American flag and another with a oxen skull on it...

The skull one's scent, called Strawberry Wine, smells much sweeter and nicer than any fermented wine would. The pictire is very bright and colorful. I really like the scent and the colors. Not so big on having a picture of a dead skull hanging in my car though. I used as a bathroom freshener instead.

The flag one's scent, not sure what they called it, was a bit too perfume smelling for both me and my husband and WAY STRONG. We tried to put it on the mirror, then in the back window and finally settled on putting in the trunk of of our car before we could tolerate the scent. We figure with time the scent will fade enough to move it gradually up front where it really belongs.

You can purchase them here:

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