Wednesday, January 3, 2018

HIGHLIGHTS OF MY LIFE: Mr Pen 18 Piece Highlighter Pack


When I purchase a highlighter, I inevitably realize that I need more than just one...and more than just one color.  Well, Mr Pen has thought of that and prepared an 18 pen pack for just for that need!  I have purchased a number of Mr Pen products and this brand never fails to disappoint.

The Kit Comes With...

  • 6 Narrow Chisel Highlighters
    • Great for writing notes in your study books.
  • 2 Wide Chisel Highlighters 
    • Works best for highlighting sentences in your study books.
  • 6 Non-bleed Gel Highlighters
    • This are great for making larger colorful notes to put up reminders. Also works wonderful for the artistic coloring ideas you might have.
  • 2 Pencil Highlighters
    • These work best for thinner paper, such as newspaper, if you are worried about bleed through from the other highlighters.
  • 1 Highlighter Tape
    • Perfect option for needing to highlight something that pen highlighters won't work well with, and where you might want to remove it later, such as laminated boards. 
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
    • A much needed item to keep those highlighter pencils in tip sharp shape.

Best of all, they come with a 100% guarantee. Now my desk is stocked and ready to go to highlight to my hearts content!

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