Wednesday, January 3, 2018

IT'S THE BOMB! Miyay Bath Bomb Gift Set

7 XL Bath Bombs Gift Set

Nothing says self care and pampering like a hot bath. Hot baths with bubbles and scented oil sends the experience to another level. Add a bath bomb...and now you have taken it over the top!

How about pampering yourself with a daily bath using a bath bomb designed for each day of the week?

With this set you get an extra large bath bomb, made with pure essential oils, and each of them come with a one word mantra to take with you after the water spins down the drain. Mantras such as:
  • Heal (Sunday) Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom)
    • Whether you start or end your week long ritual with "heal" it is the pivotal point of what doing this is all about. The scent of Sakura is often describe as delicate, sensual, mysterious, soft and clean.
  • Vitamin C (Monday) Orange
    • The best way to begin the work week is with a hit of Vitamin C. You can begin the day with a dose of it internally and end the day with this fresh citrus scent externally.
  • Balance (Tuesday) Jasmine
    • Although the jasmine flowers themselves are quite delicate, they are widely considered the most exotic and intoxicating of all the scents, and are often described as the King of essences and the King of Essential oils. 
  • Euphoria (Wednesday) Ocean
    • Anyone else notice that this one is spelled with a lower case? The sublimity and freshness of this scent might be why.
  • Relax (Thursday) Lavender
    • When close to the end of the work and with one more day to go, Lavender is a obvious favorite choice for helping to relieve stress.
  • Energy (Friday) Rose
    • At the end of the work week on the last day, the rose scent is thought to be very restorative and relaxing. It is also the scent most often associated with love and romance. Who says you have to bathe alone?
  • Peace (Saturday) Green Tea
    • Known for it energizing effect with a very subtle and refreshing after effect, the Green Tea bomb is a perfect way to end...or start another week. If you have an actual cup of Green Tea in hand...EVEN BETTER!

Made with Natural Organic Essential Oil
Relax Spa Set 3.5 OZ (7 Different Scents)

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