Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sharp TV


Sharp 35UF6 Manuel

A little info on the TV: Last time used was 2019 and was still working. It is in my garage and has been sitting there ever since. You would have to pick it up in Oakhurst, Ca. I can not bring it to you. It is very large and heavy. I recommend 2 strong people to lift it. I have the remote somewhere but I am not sure the ones I have handy are the ones to go with it. 

Further Note: My garage door has had an 'accident' and the tv is sitting in an area of the garage where I can not reach it. It appears a rod fell out and has bent the track. At this point, knowing TV's like these are no longer the 'in thing'... I am happy to donate it to someone who can find a home for it and PAY THEM to fix my garage door.

History: The tv belonged to my mother.

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